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Ethereum Express Network

Ethereum EVM L1
Faster, Safer, and Cheaper

Pinksale launchpad Ends In
Start End
The Pinksale launchpad has ended. We will launch a public sale on Uniswap V2 at 3:00 AM UTC on September 2, 2023.

What is the
Ethereum Express network?

The Ethereum Express network is a faster, safer, and cheaper L1 network based on the underlying framework of the Ethereum EVM.

Why ?

The Ethereum network carries out more and more applications and smart contracts. As resource usage increases, the Ethereum network becomes congested, and the GAS consumed by transfers and calling contracts has soared. In this case, similar to the Ethereum Express Network, layer 1 will be more competitive and advantageous.

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Ethereum Express Network
will be more competitive


We will build a blockchain browser independently, which will be more powerful and reliable than ETHscan over time. We will also build a wallet system and ETEswap on our network to make our customers more secure. We will abandon most of the original wormhole systems, and use CEXs(ERC20 & ETRC20)and third-party cross-chain partners to coordinate cross-chains, which is more secure and reliable.

Look at our adventages

Tokenomics of ETE(ERC20) & ETE(ETRC20)


We have big plans for the future of Request.
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Germination project.

Round A financing of 5M $.

Team completed.

Start compiling ETEscan.

First test block is generated.

ETEscan basic finish.

Created community channels.

Pinksale launchpad ICO & ETE Mainnet & ETEswap.

Public sale & listing MEXC.

Active community & listing Bitget.

Attract more dapp creators & listing

Start ETE wallet & listing

Expand influence & listing Bitfinex.

Target users 50 million & listing Kucoin.

More than 200 DAPPs on ETE chain & listing OKX.

Market Cap top 50 & listing Coinbase.

Become a mainstream public chain & listing Binance.

Meet Our Team

Alex Frank

Chief Technology Officer

Pathum Anurada

UX/ UI designer

Luna Zhao

Legal Compliance

Carol Lu

Chief Product Officer

Meet Our Advisors

Amar Habibu

Backoffice Manager

Mohamed Ali Husain

Executive President

David Jevans

Director Business

Arda Kaya

Director Marketing